Welcome to The House that Pete Built

We design and create beautiful, high-detail model card kits in 1:76/00 gauge, aimed at the model railway market.

We have a real passion for realism and accuracy and we believe it compliments and reflects the high standard

of modern manufactured Locomotives of today.

Locomotive manufacturers spend a lot of time and research on their products, 

 why not choose accurate buildings to match them? 

Our kits are designed to look like the real thing, that means no unsightly open corners, no flat looking roof tiles and no lack of dirt or wear and tear.

All of our textures are taken from original photos or painted by hand and painstakingly engineered in photo editing software.

The kits come on 1mm thick card or less which are all easy to cut and all papers and texture skins are printed in the highest quality available.

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 Head on over to our Card Kits page to view and buy our fantastic range of card kits.

What comes in the kits?

The kits include:

Structural sheets and textures on 600gsm white card that are layered and glued together. 

Textured paper skins that wrap the corners to eliminate card edges.

Thin 180gsm card structure sheets for roofing and detailing.

Printed acetate window sheets for realistic glazing options.

kit sample.jpg