Our Story

As an eight year old, Pete would peruse the model railway magazines in the local Newsagents and stare in awe at the pictures of the model railway layouts, wishing he could have one of his own.   
Then, on Christmas day in1990 he was given a Hornby HST train set. 
Knowing he could never afford to buy even the most modest of  building kits, but being a keen artist, he started using his watercolour paints and paper to start creating houses and platforms and bridges and tunnels, painting the bricks and windows and other details by hand.
It really was a labour of love. Whilst the buildings were no way near the standards of those he had seen in the magazines, he was on the road to a lifetime of creating  most realistic buildings he could achieve with just the items he could pinch from around the house. 
"It's quite amusing really, my mum would shout up the stairs asking where the cereal box had gone and why there were Cornflakes in her best mixing bowl!"      Pete - 2019
So, fast forward to today, and Pete has more than thirty years of designing, scratch building under his belt. From working with plasticard and plastic kits, to scribing car body filler - there isn't a method he hasn't tried and attempted to master. 

So, with all this in his head, Pete wanted to share the knowledge he has accumulated, so he started creating his buildings so that anyone who models 00 gauge could have a go at making them. Using photo editing software and his own incorporated artwork, the quality and detail of the buildings is the best you will find, and will complement your layout perfectly. 

Kit: Real-World Inspiration 
Amazing lifelike features that complement manufacturers locomotives and rolling stock.
web showoff.jpg

One of Pete's Scratchbuilt buildings - "The old shed"

Walls are made from sanding and scribing car body filler to get a realistic brick effect. 

Roof is thin card

Windows are made from individual lengths of plastruct strip.

Kit: Subtle Layering 
Multi layered sheets of card and paper to create depth and realism

A painting in progress by Pete, done in a mixture of acrylic and watercolour on canvas. Urban decay and old buildings are the inspiration for many of the artworks he creates.

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