Low Relief Modular Warehouse with Sliding Door

A window wall modular extension to our favourite kit "Low relief modular warehouse". Multiply by as many as you need to create an endless run of structures, can be constructed as a standalone model in its own right.


To save costs to our customers and be eco-friendly, instructions for this kit are only available as a downloadable PDF file. Go to our instructions page to download them to your device.

Low Relief Modular Warehouse with Sliding Door

VAT Included
  • This kit Consists of 1 window wall module extension, to complement the low relief modular warehouse, or can be purchased as a standalone kit.

    This kit has beautifully designed brickwork, realistic dual depth windows and a detailed roof.

  • If you're not totally satisfied with this product please return it undamaged and unbuilt to the return address on our contact page for a full refund.